About Victoria Gordon

Being an animal person my main interest is animals and my dream was to paint portraits of animals in pastel and pet portraits in pastel. In 2008 I started to learn pastel painting techniques in earnest, and never missed an opportunity to learn something new or to memorise an artist’s tip to help me develop and become an accomplished animal portrait artist.

I take a great deal of inspiration from my own pets, my five very beautiful felines, four Maine Coon cats, and a little black cat called Widglet, they are a great inspiration to me and helped me develop my skills in feline art. I thoroughly enjoy the different stages as they develop in my paintings and seeing portraits of my cats develop from my own hands is truly amazing. My speciality is definitely animals, which I paint using pastel sticks and pastel pencils. I also produce colour pencil portraits of cats and graphite sketches, using a variety of different papers. Sometimes when I am painting a commissioned portrait I become very attached to the animal I am painting whether it be a portrait of a dog, a cat or a horse, fortunately I get to keep the portraits I paint for my own private collection. I have recently begun teaching pastel art (see my E-tuition page) and I am amazed at the results my students have achieved. It seems there is an artist in everybody. I have run out of walls to hang my own paintings on but have been successful in holding a number of local art exhibitions and have a wonderful gallery of feline art in my home.

To my absolute delight, and for all my hard work, in 2009 I won the June Atherton Award through the Society of All Artists.

In the last year or so I have become a fosterer for a privately run Cat Rescue Centre in Nottinghamshire, millwoodcatrescue.co.uk and have fostered many rescued cats and kittens at my home. I give the kittens and their mothers the best start in life possible and being an artist I am also able to help the rescue centre to raise funds through my painting. I have painted a number of portraits for them to raffle and have raised funds through teaching pastel painting. There are so many beautiful unwanted cats and kittens all year round and I find it very satisfying to look after the cats and help raise badly needed funds.